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Ragoza Music is an absolutely new label and a new name in the music industry.
We'll step aside from all the music industry's stereotypes and show you new names and talented people. We develop many of the Dance music genres. 
Ragoza Music's artists have been widely known in  the music industry for a long time. And now, after being united they gave birth to Ragoza Music.

Ragoza Music was created in 2015 by the composer, violinist, and founder of Sunstroke Project - Anton Ragoza. With a huge fanbase and giant amount of friends Sunstroke Project decided to enlighten young artists and DJs. Ragoza Music's booking is a big bridge between Europe and the CIS countries. We collaborate with the best clubs, and we're constantly sending our artists to all parts of the world. We've prepared wonderful exclusive tracks' releases for you.
So now get prepared to enjoy them!

www.ragozamusic.com - day after day we're making music for you.

latest music video

Ray Bark - PHOENIX

CQlone - Руками Закрою Глаза ft KatrinRigbent x bumb


AKORD – Unde, Unde

Vlad Gorban - Sunrise On A Beach

Manouki - Miles Away


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