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IVI - an Estonian singer and composer. Ever since her early childhood she has been extremely attracted to the art of music, trying to participate and sing at all the possible hobby groups and competitions. Inevitably, she started her professional career as a vocalist in 2013 with her co-singer in a duo called Round & Round which had its fair share of popularity and this project existed up until the year 2016.

However, it was the yearly jazz festival NARVA JAZZ that kickstarted her touring activities, as after her performance there she started receiving a significant amount of invitations to perform at other events and festivals in Estonia.

Before 2019 came by, IVI expressed herself in many different genres such as RnB, Deep Pop, Pop. But what really helped her discover her own potential was meeting the Estonian producer by the name of Coullin. Their duo made way for the creation of a full EP consisting of 6 tracks. In 2020 they had 2 more singles released, first being called “I MET MY EX” and the second one being “BLIND LOVE”.

In 2021 IVI met the head of Ragoza Music - Anton Ragoza and joined the #RagozaFamily. Look forward to the new release in a brand new format!