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NAT TAN (real name : Eugeniu Doibani) – singer, music producer, lyrics author, owner at Natan Music Production, promoter and presenter born in Orhei , Republic of Moldova. As an artist, started his career at 10 years , being a part of a child-teenage organization from Orhei – ”ArtShow” , that performed within the country and overboard in Romania. At 16 years old , the producer career began with a singer-songwriter startup and also a beginner creator of arrangements for his own productions. At 18, other singers from Moldova started to receive productions made by NAT TAN and the experience went on with a lot of different styles and flows,  producing various pop-related sub-genres and delivering them in romanian and english languages. After graduating the Academy of Arts from Chișinău as a jazz/pop performing artist and during studying there , a lot of things changed and the professional touch made its influence into his music overall. Also , a lot of newcomers in music industry started to be interested in his works and  the productions spread fastly through radios and TV Shows. There are more than 170 works released to the moment, a lot of  them were hits and the artists who performed them are nationally and internationally known. As a producer , worked a year with Fly Records , Fly Project band’s record label to produce for such artists as Fly Project (”Like A Star”), Andreea Bălan (”Rece”), Anda Adam (”Save me tonight”), Theo Rose (”Noi Știm”) , John Rivas (”Love Me”). Major hits produced for artists in Moldova were ”Aja Mara” by Iana & Alessandra , ”Is it true” by DARA (”Cats in water” youtube banger), ”Nina” by Vasile Macovei”. Also worked with Nelly Ciobanu , Costi Burlacu & Corina Tepes, Diana Brescan , Diana Grigor, Karizma, Ionel Istrati, Dianna Rotaru, Laurențiu Popescu, Ionella Covali, Rawanne, Patrice, Anișoara Puică, Ivan Afanasiev, Veaceslav Busuioc, Olga Neculai, Felicia Dunaf, Boris Covali, Ilinka, Aurel Chirtoacă, Irina Cașu, Valeria Pașa, Anya Kucherenko, Julia Sandu , Mariana Popescu , Mariana Mihăilă, Tatiana Heghea, Gabriella Nastas, Victor Moraru, Maslitzky, Katalina Rusu, Feodosii Bușilă, Sergiu Ursachi, Lavinia Rusu, Danu Boian, Inna Cernei , Dulce Band and others. 

Produced for young performers Lerika  and Rafael Bobeică and their songs represented Moldova at Eurovision Song Contest Junior in different years. Also produced for young artists like Adela Borș, Jasmina Drosu , Andreea Rață, Maria Cazarinov, Daniella Guțu, Andreea Cuciuc, Stacy 

The mature style that evolved through years is a mix of ethnic vibes (indian , balcanic, native american), western and russian music harmonies, deep house, chill trap, latin, reggaeton rhythms, guitar and piano solos, well-made drops, catchy choruses. Themes used in lyrics are romantic, social or abstract, emotional , pleasing and wide-looking. 


Ragoza Music       

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