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RAY BARK is a new name in world music industry!
It is a high quality music and individual style that give off a fresh vibe!

For the first time in his life young Yury Rybak got acquainted with music at the age of 8 in a brass orchestra where he played for 6 years. 

At the same time, he assiduously starts learning to dance, and soon his mind was absorbed by the dance world. Eleven years of his life have been full of dance competitions. After that, he started exploring the modern trends like Jazz Funk and Hip Hop. Over a period of time Ray Bark started working in the show business with different artists from Moldova, Great Britain, Romania and Russia. He participated in shows as a choreographer and a dancer.

For years, music and stage were an integral part of his lifestyle. From an early age his unique musical taste and style were shaped by the works of such renowned artists like Craig David, Jason Mraz, Chris Brown and Sam Smith.

Daily work with many of the national and foreign artists have encouraged him to think about his own musical career.


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